Winemaking for Ahi Kā is simple.

Matt Thomson, who in 2023 completed his 31st Marlborough harvest and has won numerous New Zealand and international awards for wines throughout his career explains his winemaking philosophy. 

"It's a matter of excluding any flavours that don't originate in the vineyard, seeking the purest articulation of site. It requires a lot of attention to detail to make sure that nothing obscures the expression of fruit flavours. Plenty of things can go wrong in getting the fruit from the vineyard into the bottle. Like all great vineyard sites much of getting it right is knowing when you don't need to do something. That comes from experience, particularly with an individual vineyard site."

"I've been working with John and his vineyard since he planted it in the early 2000's, so I know it almost as well as him. I can honestly say that in all my years of making Sauvignon Blanc throughout all of Marlborough, John's vineyard consistently produces some of the most impressive Sauvignon Blanc and I'm thrilled to be working together with him again on this special project."